JWG C4.40/CIRED Revisions to IEC Technical Reports 61000-3-6, 61000-3-7, 61000-3-13, and 61000-3-14

Background :
The Technical Reports 61000-3-6, -3-7, -3-13, and -3-14 deal with the assessment of emission limits for the connection of disturbing installations to the power system. These documents are approaching their maintenance cycle. The present versions were prepared by a SC C4 CIGRE WG (C4.103). There is a need to consider proposed revisions to each of these documents in light of significant changes in power grids, emissions from equipment, and equipment immunity. Changes in supply systems that could impact the subject Technical Reports include the reconfigurability features of so-called “smart grid” technology and systems and the incorporation of distributed generation at various voltage levels (but
particularly LV and MV and other traditional radially-operated systems). Changes in emissions include high-frequency harmonics which are presently out-of-scope of the Technical Reports. Immunity characteristics, especially those associated with modern lighting with regard to voltage fluctuations, have appreciably changed. Lastly, the methods for allocation of planning levels to establish emission limits for users may become overly complex (or even inappropriate) for use in systems containing reconfigurable elements or distributed resources.

Scope :
The proposed scope of the task force is to:
1. Evaluate the suitability of the general limit allocation process in systems containing distributed resources and develop recommended changes (this applies to all four reports).
2. Evaluate the suitability of existing indices and limits (e.g., 95th percentile) for use in reconfigurable systems and recommend changes (this applies to all four reports).
3. Evaluate the suitability of the existing approach for allocating harmonic limits for higher-frequencies (above 2 kHz) and recommend changes (this applies largely to 61000-3-6 and -3-14).
4. Assess the effectiveness of 61000-3-7, -3-13, and -3-14 when fluctuating or unbalanced distributed resources are present (at any voltage level) and recommend changes.
5. Review industry experience with the present versions of the Reports and recommend changes as needed based on recent usage and experiences (this applies to all four reports).

Deliverables: Revised versions of each Technical Report with highlighted changes for review by IEC. Summary paper for publication in Electra. Panel sessions and presentations at CIGRE and CIRED session, colloquia and symposia.

Time Schedule : start : January 2015       Final report : 2018

Convener: Mark Halpin (USA)

Progress Report 2015 (pptx, 142kB)

Progress Report 2016 (pptx, 139kB)