WG C4.111 Review of LV and MV Compatibility Levels for Voltage Fluctuation


Recent regional, national, and international directives related to lighting efficiency will result in the rapid decline in use of incandescent lighting.  Traditionally, incandescent lighting has been the most sensitive (with regard to voltage fluctuations) end-use equipment in the network and has been the basis for the established compatibility levels in IEC 61000-2-2 and 61000-2-12.  Recent research has shown that modern (more efficient) lighting is markedly less sensitive to voltage fluctuations.  Other recent work has documented a lack of correlation between measured flicker levels and network user complains, and this lack of correlation has led to the suggestion of the possible need to increase the compatibility level for voltage fluctuations.  While some guidance is available regarding possible new compatibility levels based only on lighting, the effects of voltage fluctuations on other user equipment is not known.  It is necessary to review susceptibility levels for user equipment other than (in addition to) lighting in order to consider revised compatibility levels.

The proposed scope of the task force is to:
  • Document existing work dealing with susceptibility of modern lighting technologies with regard to voltage fluctuations
  • Document existing work dealing with susceptibility of other (non lighting) user equipment with regard to voltage fluctuations
  • Evaluate the potential for suggesting modifications to the IEC 61000-4-15 flickermeter so that the traditional output value and level Pst=1 can continue to serve as a measure of compatibility level
  • Recommend possible alternatives to the flickermeter concept of Pst for specifying, measuring, and assessing voltage fluctuations.
  • Recommend areas where additional research is needed in order to further the objective of revisingLVand MV compatibility levels with regard to voltage fluctuations.

A technical report/ brochure providing the results of reviews and recommendations of the JWG. The results would be used to motivate future changes to the relevant IEC documents.

Convener: M. Halpin (USA)  

Progress Report 2013 (pdf, 80kB)


Progress Report 2014 (pptx, 141kB)