WG C4.206 Protection of the High Voltage Power Network Control Electronics Against Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI)


Over the past 10 years a new threat to substation relays, controls and communications has emerged. It is known as intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) that is produced by electromagnetic weapons that are developed and applied purposely to defeat the proper operation of modern electronic systems. While those who may use these weapons include criminals and terrorists, it is important to evaluate the threat to high voltage power networks throughout the world, and to develop protection methods to deal with the threat.

Fortunately substantial work has been performed by IEC under SC 77C to evaluate the general threat of IEMI to electronics and to recommend generic protection methods. What remains to be done, however, is to apply these standards and reports to the specific problem of the control of the high voltage power grid, especially within HV substations.  It should be mentioned that the ITU-T SG5 is currently working with SC 77C to establish the IEMI threat and to develop protection guidelines for telecommunications centers.

Today there is no Cigré WG working on the problem of IEMI on substation control electronics, and therefore a new WG is needed.


Evaluate the threat of IEMI to HV substations and recommend mitigation methods.

Convener: W. Radasky (USA) 

Progress Report 2013 (pdf, 71kB)