WG C4.207 EMC with communication circuits, low voltage systems and metallic structures


Most of the subjects covered by this Working Group are of common interest for distribution systems and transmissions systems and it is good to have a common understanding. The mechanisms causing interference from power systems on communication systems, low voltage systems and metallic structures are the same for both transmission systems and distribution systems, although parameters and conditions may differ. This Working Group will work cooperatively with the Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) regarding EMC with communication systems, especially telecommunication systems.

One major objective of the Joint working group is to support ITU-T in the maintenance of the ITU K series Recommendations and Directives for telecommunication systems regarding interference (including damage, danger, disturbance)  resulting from an induced voltage caused by high voltage and medium voltage power lines under steady state and fault conditions. In principle this is a continuous work. However, ITU-T has working periods of four years and the scope for the proposed new Joint Working Group covers the scope for the next working period 2009-2012. As ITU-T has a rolling working system, work is already ongoing on some of the activities mentioned below. As an example, Draft 2 of the Guide for assessment transferred EPR (Earth Potential Rise) on telecommunication systems is already available. Thus, the time schedule given below is realistic. A major subject during the next working period is the revision and complementation of the ITU-T Directives especially Volume V. Our deliverables for CIGRE will be the updating of the recommendations and guides to be consistent with, and supportive of, the ITU-T publications. 


Methods of analysis and mitigation of the influence of HV power systems on telecommunication circuits, radio communication, low voltage systems and metallic structures

Convener: D. Thomas (UK) 

Progress Report 2013 (pdf, 58kB)