WG C4.208 EMC in HV Substations and Generating Stations


The CIGRE EMC Guide 124 is a comprehensive document on EMC in power plants and substations, prepared by the former CIGRE WG 36-04 and published in November 1997. The Guide is used extensively by utilities and engineers across the globe and has also been translated to Portuguese. Significant developments in several areas of EMC over the past decade have created the need for incorporating aspects related to these developments into the EMC Guide.  Hence, an update of the guide is needed.

Some of the drivers contributing to the need for updating the Guide include:

  • Work performed by JWG 23/13/33/34/36 on Insulation coordination and EMC in substation secondary circuits, and more particularly a comparative summary of existing standards as well as flow charts, outlining the process of selecting standards and testing equipment.
  • Technical information from the WG paper on the characterization of EMI in HV substations presented at theParismeeting in 2002.
  • Work initiated by Italtel on earthing of cables.
  • Work done by JWG 4.202  on measurement of  RF interference from substations.

Convener: WH Siew (UK)

Publication: TB535: EMC within power plants and substations (Published: 2013-04)