WG C4.23 Guide to Procedures for Estimating the Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines

Background :

Lightning remains one of the main causes of outages on transmission lines even though it has been studied extensively since the beginnings of power transmission.  Over the years several approaches has been formalized to aid transmission line designers to optimize their line designs with respect to its lightning performance. Important landmarks in the development of procedures for estimating the lightning performance of transmission lines are: 

  • 1982: Publication of a step-by-step simplified method for hand or programmable calculators by EPRI
  • 1985-1997: Adoption and refinement of the EPRI simplified method by the IEEE which has subsequently been published as the IEEE standard 1243.
  • 1991: Publication of the CIGRE Brochure 63 “Guide to procedures for estimating the lightning performance of transmission lines” 

Since then there has been significant progress in lightning research and the understanding of lightning attachment to transmission line structures through continued research and many countries have now lightning detection networks which provide detailed information on lightning occurrence.  Moreover, modern personal computers provides sufficient computing power to allow for sophisticated modeling of the interaction of lightning with transmission line structures, thereby reducing the need for simplified methods. 

Scope :

The revision of the CIGRE brochure 63 “Guide to procedures for estimating the lightning performance of transmission lines” to modernize the information and to describe the latest techniques and assumptions used to calculate the lightning performance of overhead transmission lines. In addition the brochure will include a collection of application examples to serve as benchmarks and to allow for a sensitivity analysis of the selected modeling techniques/parameters. 

Deliverables :

A Cigre technical brochure with summary in Electra

Convener: C. Engelbrecht (Netherlands)

Progress Report 2013 (pdf, 83kB)

Progress Report 2014 (ppt, 372kB)

Progress Report 2015 (ppt, 372kB)

Progress Report 2016 (pptx, 134kB)