WG C4.30 EMC in Wind Generation Systems

Background :

Wind energy has developed significantly over the last two decades. Today, wind energy forms a significant contribution to the generating resources of most countries and it is expected that its share of generating resource will increase further in the future. Wind turbines operate in a very different environment and this is particularly true for off-shore wind plants. There are challenges on almost every engineering aspects and EMC for wind generation systems will need special considerations. Although CLC/TR 50373:2004 Wind Turbines - Electromagnetic Compatibility exists, several members of WG C4.208 felt that the document is a start and that CIGRE could contribute to it further. It is therefore the aim of this working group to produce a technical brochure covering EMC for wind generation systems that are not sufficiently addressed in the above mentioned documents and are listed in the scope below.

Scope :
  1. To produce a Technical Brochure on EMC for wind generation systems.
  2. To consider immunity requirements for electronics located in the immediate vicinity of high electromagnetic fields caused by a lightning current.
  3. To consider the immunity requirements for electronics as a result of close power interconnection of similar systems in large wind power plants.
  4. To consider all the above for on-shore as well as off-shore wind plants.
  5. To consider the effect of all of the above to the compact electronics installed within a wind turbine.

The scope does not include power quality issues.

Deliverables :

A technical brochure with summary in Electra

Convener : WH Siew (UK)

Progress Report 2013 (pdf, 56kB)

Progress Report 2014 (pptx, 133kB)

Progress Report 2015 (pptx, 135kB)

Progress Report 2016 (pptx, 127kB)