WG C4.34 Application of Phasor Measurement Units for monitoring power system

Background :

The state of the art in the application of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) for the monitoring power system dynamics and the preliminary investigations into applying widearea control and protection of power systems was reported in 2007 in a Technical Brochure on Wide Area Monitoring and Control For Transmission Capability Enhancement. This work was the result of one of the tasks of CIGRE WG C4.601 on Power System Security Assessment. The Technical Brochure concluded that the expectations for Wide Area Monitoring and Control Systems are high and a growing community of researchers and utility experts are working on practical applications and installations of this technology around the globe. It also stated that the technology is promising, but it was still a long way away from seeing applications. It was also reported that an increasing number of transmission system operators are running application studies to evaluate the benefits of this technology or even execute implementation projects at the time of writing the Technical Brochure. The purpose of this proposed Working Group is to survey and report the recent developments in this fast advancing technology. The past two to three years saw a large number of Phasor Measurement Units installed on North American, European and other power systems across the world. Preliminary deployment of PMUs are also appearing in distribution networks with large penetration of distributed generation as PMUs are expected to enable both real-time observability and control of these networks. Major relay manufacturers are facilitating the measurements from PMUs to be received and utilized within their devices. The development of common communication protocols has also advanced in the recent years. There is a major move towards adopting the IEC 61850 as the common protocol. In addition, parallel developments have also been taking place on new tools to utilize the data obtained from PMUs to monitor power systems. Such applications will enhance the security of the power system. At research and development level, efforts of closing the loop by using the PMU measurements as input signals to controllers and protective relays have also been reported recently. Another branch of research being reported is to use the PMU measurements as supplemental signals to State Estimation in Energy Management Systems.


The main scope of this WG will be the assessment of the maturity of technology of Page 2 / 3 synchrophasor measurements and its applications for enhancing the power system technical performance. The main activities will include:

  1. Overview of the synchrophasor technology including its capability and robustness against latency and missing data.
  2. Overview of the common communication protocol and data security.
  3. Differentiation of PMU accuracy requirements for transmission and distribution networks applications.
  4. Collection and description of applications relevant to system technical performance enhancement for both transmission and distribution networks.
  5. Identify and describe the need for new applications and analysis tools based on existing knowledge.
  6. Recommend areas for further research and development to gain new knowledge and to identify new and valuable applications of PMU data.

In the course of this work, consideration will be given to and a review made of related recent publications such as the IEEE Standard C37.118.1-2011 "IEEE Standard for Synchrophasor Measurements for Power Systems".


Report to be published in Electra or technical brochure with summary in Electra

Convener : U. D. Annakkage (Canada)

Progress Report 2013 (pdf, 59kB)

Progress Report 2014 (pptx, 164kB)

Progress Report 2015 (pptx, 156kB)

Progress Report 2016 (pptx, 156kB)