WG C4.39 Effectiveness of line surge arresters for lightning protection of overhead transmission lines

Background :
Line surge arrester using metal-oxide resistor is a well-proven technology for lightning protection of overhead lines, and its application to transmission lines significantly expanded in some countries according to the social demand for power supply quality against lightning. Based on the successful experience with a particular design concept and testing technology, IEC standard for externally gapped metal-oxide line surge arresters (EGLA) was established in 2011. Other types of line surge arresters are also successfully applied in service, such as metal-oxide gapless line surge arresters (NGLA).
Recent studies on lightning characteristics and the parameters such as flash density, peak current, wave shapes, charge amount etc are applicable for analysis of lightning performance of overhead lines. Analysis tools such as specific software packages including EMTP (Electro-magnetic Transients Program) are becoming more popular such that analytical practice to evaluate this performance is now in widespread use.

Scope :

  1. Summarize field experiences of lightning protection performance with EGLA, NGLA and other types of line surge arrester. Compare the performance and effectiveness of shield wires alone versus the addition of arresters.
  2. Introduce useful analytical approaches to evaluate the lightning protection performance of transmission lines with line surge arresters and address the important issues for effective application of line surge arrester.
  3. Identify requirements for line surge arrester against lightning stress in terms of energy dissipation, peak current and electrical charge.
  4. Identify how can lightning detection systems be used effectively and efficiently for determining the need for and application of arresters.

Since this subject of interest to SC B2 as well, SC B2 will nominate up to two (2) experts to participate as active members of this WG and to coordinate and act as liaisons between this group and SC B2.

Convener:Kenji Tsuge (Japan)

Progress Report 2015 (pptx, 144kB)

Progress Report 2016 (pptx, 131kB)