Chairman: Zia Emin, PSC, UK 

Secretary: Hideki Motoyama, CRIEPI, Japan 




Advisory Groups 

RefTitleConvener Dates
(Creation - Disbanding)
AG C4.1Strategic DirectionsZ. Emin (UK)Permanent
AG C4.2Institutional LiaisonW. A. Radasky (USA)Permanent
AG C4.3Tutorials and ConferencesM. Val Escudero (Ireland)Permanent


Working Groups - Task Forces


RefTitleConvener Dates
(Creation - Disbanding)
WG C4.23Guide to Procedures for Estimating the Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines  C. Engelbrecht (Netherlands)2012 - 2015 
WG C4.25Issues related to ELF Electromagnetic Field exposure and transient contact currentsK. Kopsidas (UK)2011 - 2014
WG C4.28Extrapolation of measured values of power frequency magnetic fields in the vicinity of power links  P. Rojas (Brazil)2012 - 2015 
WG C4.31/CIREDEMC between Communication Circuits and Power Systems  D. Thomas (UK)2012 - 2016 
WG C4.32 Understanding of the Geomagnetic Storm Environment for High Voltage Power Grids  W. A. Radasky (USA)2013 - 2015 
WG C4.33Impact of Soil-Parameter Frequency Dependence on the Response of Grounding Electrodes and on the Lightning Performance of Electrical SystemsS. Visacro (Brazil) 2013 - 2016 
WG C4.36Winter Lightning – Parameters and Engineering Consequences for Wind Turbines M. Ishii (Japan)2014 - 2017 
WG C4.37Electromagnetic Computation Methods for Lightning Surge Studies with Emphasis on the FDTD Method Y. Baba (Japan)2014 - 2018 
JWG C4.38Network Modelling for Harmonic Studies  M. Val Escudero (Ireland)2014 - 2017 
WG C4.39Effectiveness of line surge arresters for lightning protection of overhead transmission linesK. Tsuge (Japan)2015 - 2017
JWG C4.40/CIREDRevisions to IEC Technical Reports 61000-3-6, 61000-3-7, 61000-3-13, and 61000-3-14M. Halpin (USA)2015 - 2018
JWG C4/B5.41Challenges with series compensation application in power systems when overcompensating linesL. Haarla (Finland)2015 - 2017
JWG C4.42/CIREDContinuous assessment of low-order harmonic emissions from customer installationsI. Papič (Slovenia)2015 - 2018
WG C4.43Lightning problems and lightning risk management for nuclear power plantsT. Shindo (Japan)2017 - 2020
WG C4.44EMC for Large Photovoltaic SystemsE. Salins (Sweden)2017 - 2019
WG C4.45Measuring techniques and characteristics of fast and very fast transient overvoltages in substations and converter stationsS. Xie (China)2017 - 2021
WG C4.46WG C4.46 Evaluation of Temporary Overvoltages in Power Systems due to Low Order Harmonic ResonancesF. F. da Silva  (Denmark)2017 - 2019
WG C4.47WG C4.47 Power System Resilience (PSR WG)M. van Harte (South Africa)2017 - 2020
WG C4.48WG C4.48 Overvoltage Withstand Characteristics of Power System Equipment 35-1200 kVI. Dudurych (Ireland)2017 - 2020
WG C4.49WG C4.49 Multi-frequency stability of converter-based modern power systemsŁ. Kocewiak (Denmark)2018 - 2021
WG C4.50WG C4.50 Evaluation of Transient Performance of Grounding Systems in Substations and Its Impact on Primary and Secondary SystemsB. Zhang (China)2018 - 2021
JWG A2/C4.52High-frequency transformer and reactor models for network studies  B. Gustavsen (NO)2014 - 2018 
JWG A1/C4.52Wind generators and frequency-active power control of power systemsN. Miller (USA)2015 - 2018
JWG C2/C4.37Recommendations for Systematic Framework Design of Power System Stability ControlY. Fang (China)2015 - 2017
JWG B4/B1/C4.73Surge and extended overvoltage testing of HVDC Cable SystemsM. Saltzer (Sweden)2016 - 2017
JWG B5/C4.61Impact of Low Inertia Network on Protection and ControlR. Zhang (UK)2017 - 2020
JWG A1/C4.36Review of Large City & Metropolitan Area power system development trends taking into account new generation, grid and information technologies

V. Simoes (BR)

S. Utts (RU)

2017 - 2019
JWG C2/C4.41Impact of high penetration of inverter-based generation on system inertia of networksM. Rampokanyo (South Africa)2018 - 2020